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Culture is defined as the way we do things. You can’t see, touch or smell culture but you can feel it. When a culture in the workplace or a club or any organisation is aggressive, people tend to act in a way that stops high levels of cooperation. People are being pushed, by the invisible guiding hand, into trying to be superior and wanting a higher level of status.

When the culture is Passive, the guiding hand pushes people towards safety. As a result heads are down and few ideas and innovations surface to see the light of day. Performance is weak.

In a constructive culture, people feel that they can contribute ideas freely without fear and work towards their potential. The emphasis is on high standards of performance and strong working relationships with other people. Over time, this type of culture will outperform the other types of culture described.

Transformation is when defensive cultures are turned into constructive ways of doing things. Corporate Synergy is the leader in achieving these outcomes in Australia.


Leadership is spoken about freely in all sorts of forums and settings. It is now clearly established that good leadership is key to organisational performance. But what is good leadership?

Corporate Synergy is highly successful in measuring leadership performance and developing leadership capacity. Significant improvements in the performance of leadership groups have been central to our highly visible and respected cultural transformations in Australia.

Leadership is needed for change. If your organisation is not doing well, you need to improve the capacity of your leaders. Corporate Synergy is expert in improving that capacity through developing leaders’ personal insights, skills and the courage to influence.